Mike and I love hosting get togethers at our home and for the last several years we’ve hosted Friendsgiving with some of our closest friends and Thanksgiving with my family, which has been fun, but we’ve never hosted Christmas. Mike’s family is way too big for our house, so we usually go to his parent’s or sister’s house for Christmas and my family usually meets at my sister’s house. This year my sister asked if Mike and I wanted to host Christmas, and we were all for it! I love being able to decorate the table and Mike loves trying new things in the kitchen. Before everyone arrived Christmas day, I snapped a few photos of some decorations throughout the house and what the table looked like. When we host get togethers, I never want to be stuck in the kitchen doing dishes so we opt for clear plasticware for plates and cups, which makes for very easy clean up but still looks great on the table. Enjoy a quick, little snippet of our house at Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas
2015 Christmas at the Kreiders

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