Ahhh, we loved meeting and spending time with Nick and Kaitlyn! These two are the real deal. Sea Isle City is a special place for them. They met in Sea Isle when both of them rented houses with friends for the summer of 2014. Mike and I loved being able to do this session in a place that is so near and dear to their hearts. We had the perfect June evening to frolic along the beach. I wish we lived closer to the beach to be able to photograph there more often!

Kaitlyn’s beautiful hair reminds me so much of Emma’s and  I kept imagining Emma 20 years from now. I can only hope Emma’s as sweet and beautiful as Kaitlyn is when she grows up! We can’t wait for their Farm at Eagles Ridge wedding next year. Enjoy some of our favorites from this magical beach session!

A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0001.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0002.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0003.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0004.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0005.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0006.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0007.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0008.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0009.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0010.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0011.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0012.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0013.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0014.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0015.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0016.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0017.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0018.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0019.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0020.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0021.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0022.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0023.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0024.jpg
A-Sea-Isle-City-Beach Engagement-photo_0025.jpg

Nick + Kaitlyn
A Sea Isle City Engagement

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