This past Saturday Mike and I got to meet up with Jessica and Andrew in Lititz. I felt like we were waiting forever for their engagement session to come but it’s probably because the first time we tried to meet it started pouring on our way to meet them. We ended up having them sit in our car for 30 mins to see if the rain would stop… It didn’t and we ended up rescheduling, which I’m so glad we did. Saturday evening was beautiful and the perfect time to meet up again with these two. Mike and I loved getting to hear all about their wedding coming up in September (Well probably me more then Mike because I love talking/hearing about all the details!)

I had a ton of fun hanging out and just walking around with these two and I just know their wedding is going to be beautiful! Below are just a few favorites, enjoy!

To see all the images from their session click HERE!

Andrew + Jessica
Lititz Engagements

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