What can I say about Chris and Kaylia other then we LOVE them! This couple came into our lives 2 years ago and we have quickly become great friends. We live very close to them, we attend the same church, are in a small group together and Kaylia and I talk weekly/sometimes daily… talk about doing life together. Mike and I are so excited to experience this new chapter in their lives. It’s been so fun watching them these last 9 months and I LOVED being able to see little baby Wise during an ultrasound a couple weeks ago (I cried). I am SO excited to meet this little guy but we first had to get a couple photos of mom and dad before he arrives. This was kind of a last minute shoot but I’m happy with they way it turned out. Mike and I typically don’t shoot anything other then weddings but for close friends and family we will do just about anything :) So excited for these two, and baby Wise, you can come any time now! Enjoy a few of my favorites from our quick shoot!

Kaylia, you honestly are one of the cutest pregnant ladies I’ve ever seen!!
 LOVE this one!

Baby Wise

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