Well today might be one of your favorite posts of the whole year! Mike and I laughed pretty hard looking through some of these images. Today you get to see the sometimes not so glamorous parts of being a wedding photographer. I honestly can’t believe I’m sharing some of these images! I found that Mike has an amazing ability of catching me at my BEST times… so enjoy some of the worst photos of me to date! I’m excited to show you a side of our wedding season that you’ve never seen before!!

We shot 16 amazing weddings last year and as I looked back through these BTS images, I laughed but I was also overcome with thankfulness. The people that came into our life last year were the biggest blessing to us!!! We love each and every one of our couples…they trust us with one of the most important days of their lives, they make us feel like family and they allow us to continue to do this thing we get to call our job. Gosh, we love our BK couples! Thank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Now get excited to enjoy a glimpse of our real life and please don’t judge us. I SWEAR we’re professional!

We love when past BK brides are bridesmaids at our weddings!

He secretly loves getting his photo taken…

Lots of dress carrying/protecting happens on a wedding day

Let’s hang the dress on the Wildwood sign, I said…. It will be fun, I said….

That time a bee got stuck under the lace of our bride’s dress and she was the only one there deathly allergic to bee stings….

Sleeping on the job is the new thing I guess

 We whistle while we work…

We fix bow ties about as often as we fluff dresses

We like to call Mike the veil whisperer ;)

Let me introduce you to our friend Matt, HA!


We seem to really like cake!

That time my cousin had an intimate wedding in my grandma’s living room!

This may look like Mike is just playing on his phone, but he was actually checking when the sun would NOT be shining through these windows! Thank goodness for apps!

That time my parents attended one of our weddings

“Oh man, oh man, I’m in your shot!”

When the DJ wants to be in your test shot…

Mike’s face! Yep.


annnd I’m done posing for your test shot…

Oh my…

Short girl problems! The struggle is real people!

Well this is fun!

Oh hey there handsome!

Working hard, or hardly working?

I have no idea what is happening here…

Mike is trying to become part of the bridal party

I probably don’t say it enough but I could NOT do a wedding day without Mike and this is reason number 2,987… he moves anything that needs moved

This is his “It’s pouring outside and we’re about to do the first look face”

It seems that I get really excited during wedding days!

and Matt again… you should probably hire him as your videographer! We promise you won’t regret it!

Oh gosh…I can’t believe I’m even showing you these next images…these next 3 were all from the same day… Mike was on point with catching me at my BEST throughout the day!

Seriously, what in the world am I doing?!

Remind me to NEVER make this face again!!

This poor videographer… what the heck am I doing?!

And I’m going to finish off the post with a series I like to call “Ruining each other’s images since 2011”

Yep… still in my shot Mike…

The end. Until next year!

Behind the Scenes 2015
Our Real Life

  1. Cole Wolpert says:

    Great Stuff Brit!! So proud of you and your work! Keep it coming!

  2. Lauren Pauling says:

    You did not ruin those images! It made them very real images/memories! Loved seeing your behind the scenes post and images! You guys are truly amazing at what you do and amazing people! and DEFINTELY pick Matt Stambaugh as your videographer and these 2 gems for you photographers! I have people from my wedding asking me for copies of the video and pictures still 8 months later ;)

  3. Peg Wolpert says:

    You two do such great work. You make the wedding party and everybody feel at ease. You two are really great and your work shows it.

  4. Stacy Morrissey says:

    Awesome, Brittney! You make a great team on and off the wedding carpets! Hope you are doing well! I’ll let you know when I need a “veil whisperer’, Mike!

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