You can tell it’s the season for engagements! I told you this would be a busy week for the blog! Let me introduce you to Dan and Lindsey :)

Dan and Lindsey are the sweetest. I loved our time hanging out with them. These two are doing the long distance thing, which I give them huge props for. Dan is in Virginia, busy being a civil engineer and Lindsey is in Philadelphia at the moment for one of her rotations to become an optometrist. Talk about busy! I couldn’t imagine living in a different state from Mike. It makes me even more excited for their wedding day, knowing they can finally be together!

They met up with Mike and I at Lancaster County Park and it was the perfect evening for photos. The lighting was just beautiful! Dan and Lindsey, you are awesome and we can’t wait for your wedding! Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

Lindsey you are beautiful!
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Dan + Lindsey
Lancaster County Engagements

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