Yesterday, Mike and I hosted my family at our place for an Easter dinner. As Mike and my Grandma were both in the kitchen cooking, I was spending my time decorating the table. This is my happy place. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy cooking, but if I have the choice, I would pick decorating any day over cooking. I wanted the table to look Spring/Easter like but Easter decorations are so cheesy and pretty ugly. I’m not a huge fan of plastic eggs, colored tinsel, and bunny rabbits. Honestly, when did that stuff start to represent Easter anyway?! Also, I wanted to either use things I already had or could buy at the Dollar Tree for a dollar. Oh how I love the Dollar Tree… it’s dangerous for me to go in there alone!
As I was looking for ideas last week as to what I could do, I wasn’t really coming up with anything, so I asked my good friend Sara. She always has the cutest ideas for this type of stuff and sure enough she has just pinned the sweetest little photo of an egg shell with tiny flowers in it. I was in love and set out to make it happen.
Just letting you know right now that cracking an egg while trying to keep the shell is NOT an easy thing to do! I only totally destroyed one shell but I was pretty glad when that part of the project was done. I am so happy with how everything turned out and hopefully this can give you some ideas for your own Easter tables :) Happy Monday!


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