Yes, my Mom and Sister both have the same birthday… pretty crazy right?! My mom had my sister on her 21st birthday… what a way to celebrate! These two women have obviously been a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. As every year comes and goes we all get a little older. For some reason women seem to mind this more than men. I called both my mom and sister this morning to wish them both the happiest of days and neither seemed very excited to be turning another year older…which got me to thinking…

I have decided to remind them what it looked like when they were both younger…oh yes, this is happening :) I know this is going to embarrass both of them but It’s their birthday, they’ll get over it!

So, Mom and Ash… I wish you two the best birthday yet… LOVE YOU!

 Nice glasses both of you!
 I thought I would be nice and throw in some more recent photos… these were from 3 years ago which is sad that these are the most recent photos we have of each other!

Happy birthday

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