So I feel like I just did one of these posts… oh wait, I did just do one of these 2 weeks ago for Oct. Where does the time go?! It’s December… This year has gone so fast I hardly remember it. Mike and I are def excited and ready to see what 2013 has in store for us though. Through out the last month we started to slow down but we still had a very full schedule. We shot our last wedding of the year, which was awesome. Sue, the bride, got ready in the presidential suite of the Lancaster Marriott in downtown Lancaster. Mike took a shot of the view from the room. It was awesome to see out over the city. I was able to hold baby Paxton for the first time! Paxton is my dear friend’s little boy and he finally came home in Nov. after being in the NICU for 4 weeks. Starting in Jan. I will be watching his sweet face while Sabrina is a work. Mike and I also hosted Thanksgiving at our place for my family. We… or I should say Mike… made the turkey. It was amazing! The most moist turkey I’ve ever had! I have also been helping my sister out on Friday mornings. She runs and teaches a preschool. It’s never a dull moment when you’re surrounded by 11 four year olds :) I forgot how fun preschool was… with circle time and crafts haha. Mike and I also had time to hang out with our small group and go bowling. I haven’t been bowling in years so we aren’t even going to talk about my score! All in all it was a great month. I hope all of you are enjoying this time of year. Only 19 days til Christmas!! AHH! I haven’t even started shopping… oops.

Keep a look out for some holiday goodies coming up on the blog :)

– Britt

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