I know I’m like 2 weeks late for this post but it’s because October was crazy and just flew by… I’m still trying to catch my breath. We were super busy though October. I had a wedding every weekend from September 29th to November 10th. Phew! Also, on October 14th, my best friend Sabrina delivered her sweet baby boy 2 months early! Yep, a whole two months! Much of my weekdays were spent visiting her and little Paxton in the NICU. He is doing AWESOME and just melts my heart. As stressful as it was to have him come so early it’s also great because we didn’t have to wait all the way until December to meet him. On top of all of that, Mike and I had two different dinner dates at our place with close friends, I was able to go shopping for two of our nieces and put together little baskets for their birthdays filled with all things girly, we shot an awesome engagement shoot, I pulled out the hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows, we had time to carve pumpkins, have a family photo shoot done, help one of the couples in our small group move and made it through hurricane Sandy. I’m pretty sure that was the longest run on sentence EVER … oops. All in all it was a good month that went way too fast. We are looking forward to life slowing down for a bit. I hope October was good to all of you as well!

– Britt

Keeping up with the Kreiders

  1. Jacquelynne says:

    Your pictures are amazing as always! I am very glad to hear that your friend’s baby is doing well too. Just love that pumpkin face!! Who’s the artist?

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