Because we are wedding photographers there isn’t usually a lot of time for vacations over the summer. We’ve had a pretty busy year so far and it won’t be slowing down for another couple of months. Mike and I definitely needed a little time to get away and relax. My Aunt and Uncle own a cabin in Caledonia State Park, which is only about an hour and a half away from us. Far enough away to feel like your on vacation but close enough that you aren’t driving for half a day :) We lucky found a weekend with no weddings or engagements, so last Thursday after Mike got home from work we packed the car and were off. We didn’t have much planned for our long weekend at the cabin but we were excited.
We took along our camera gear but it never made it out of the car. All of the photos below were taken with our iphones. It was definitely a relaxing time as there really isn’t much to do there, but that was the point :) Enjoy a little look into our mini vacation.
Our home for 4 days :) Quiet and peaceful
 The cabin is in the middle of peach and apple country. There are orchards all over the place so on our first day we stopped at an orchard and picked up a bunch of peaches and nectarines. Also, I love the old refrigerator in the cabin :)
 Baxter LOVED all the walks he got!
 There isn’t much other then a Walmart around but we did find a Hobby Lobby which you better bet I pulled Mike in there as fast as I could
 The cabin has a big screened in porch with old Christmas lights strung around it and Mike and I had a fun time cooking dinners over the charcoal grill
 Saturday we spent walking around Gettysburg and visiting some different wineries in the area
 and we ended Saturday with dinner at an Irish pub in downtown Gettysburg. We both got the fish and chips :)
 One of the wineries in the area was pet friendly and also had live music so we packed Baxter up and headed over. We each enjoyed a glass of wine (Baxter had water) in the grass, looking out over this beautiful view
 Mike and Baxter looking at the animals outside
 More walks!
 Lots of games happened. There isn’t much to do after it gets dark so out came battleship and Life :)
and more walks!!
 We had a very tired puppy :)
 Creepiest candy store ever… from the outside that is. You should see the 10 or so billboards this guy has. He is in each of them and … well… it’s just creepy. He is obsessed with elephants as well which just adds to the weirdness.
 Baxter’s least favorite part of the trip…heading home :)

Cabin Vacation
Keeping up with the Kreiders

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