Mike and I are lucky because we always have the greatest couples, and Allan and Krista are no exception. These two are honestly the sweetest couple ever. This past Saturday Mike and I met up with these two love birds at their wedding venue, The Farm at Eagles Ridge. The venue is brand new and is still under construction but it was fun to walk around and see where everything was going to be for their wedding and all the progress that has taken place. We snapped a few shots at the venue before heading to Lancaster County Park to finish up their session.

We had the best time getting to know Allan and Krista. They are the type of people you want to spend tons of time with. If I were asked to describe these two, I would say they are a genuine, fun loving couple who are best friends. That’s a given. Just watching them interact during their shoot made it so obvious that these two are meant to spend a lifetime together. As you will see in most of the photos, they easily made each other laugh. Which made my job so easy! As Mike and I got back in our car after the session, I looked at him and said “I love them!!”

Allan and Krista, thanks for being so awesome! Mike and I are so excited to be a part of your wedding day in June!!

Enjoy some of my favorites below and don’t forget to click HERE to view ALL the images :)

One of my favorites!!
Krista, you are beautiful!

Krista + Allan
Lancaster County Engagements

  1. These pictures are amazing! Thanks for doing such an amazing job! You guys are great!


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