I can’t believe it’s that time of year… we are starting to shoot engagements for our 2014 couples! Where has this year gone?!? Mike and I were excited to meet Jessica and Mark last Saturday. They have only been engaged for several weeks and they already have their venue and photographer booked and their engagement session DONE! We love couples that are excited and on top of things!

These two… what can I say… they are adorable! I loved how easily Mark could get Jessica to laugh. You can def tell that they are perfect for one another. They met while attending Elisabethtown College but are now doing the long distance thing with Jessica living in New Jersey and Mark towards Reading. They are going to be busy busy over this next year and we can’t wait to see them again next Aug. I LOVED our evening with them and I’m not quite sure if I can wait until next year to see them again so we might have get some dinner between now and then :)  Enjoy some of my favorites from the evening! Happy Friday.

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 LOVE Jessica’s laugh! She is probably going to hate me for putting this photo up!
 I just can not get over the cuteness!

Mark + Jessica
Lancaster County Engagements

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