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This is a slightly different blog post for me. Many of you may not know this but I’m a private photo editor for other wedding photographers. Two years ago I realized “Hey I’m pretty fast in Lightroom and editing seems to come naturally to me,” which made me start wondering why I wasn’t helping out other photographers who maybe weren’t so quick in Lightroom and hated being stuck behind their computers. I now edit for 3 other wedding photographers plus still have my wedding photography business. I love being able to help photographers get their lives back. I’ve notice that there seems be to a lot of questions/concerns about outsourcing your images… and I felt the same way a few years ago. So today I’m going to break down one of the most popular myths I see floating around the internet: That you have to find an editor with your exact editing style.

Outsourcing your editing can be scary. You’ve probably spent a good amount of time perfecting your editing style and the look you want for your photos, and trusting someone else to make them look the same is not an easy thing. So when you are looking for an editor I get that it’s only natural to find one who shows images with your same/similar editing style. I did the same thing when I was looking for an editor a few years ago. I thought in my head that if they didn’t edit their own photos to look similar to mine then somehow they wouldn’t be able to make my images look the way I wanted… but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

You see, as an editor, I’m not using my own creativity to create your editing style. That’s already something you’ve perfected. Instead, I’m applying your already perfected style to all of your unedited images. All of my photographers edit at least 1 anchor image from each section of the wedding day so I know exactly how they want the other images to look. Between what they pre-edit for their blog post and any additional anchor images they want to do for me, they roughly edit 150 -200 images from each wedding. From those images I make every other image look just like their anchor images.

To make the leap a little less scary, find an editor who is willing to edit a sample catalog for you. A small catalog of 20-30 images where you edit 1 anchor image from each section/new lighting location and let them do the rest. I offer this to all of my clients at the beginning and it helps so much.

So, as a photographer, as long as you KNOW your style and are CONSISTENT with your look and editing, any good private photo editor should be able to replicate your look… no matter what their preferred style is on their own photos. Some of my favorite clients actually have very different styles from how I edit my own images, and I love it!  Hope this was helpful!!

Why your Style doesn’t need to match your private photo editors style

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