Oh where do I begin with these two?! Sara and I have been friends for years… We met at college, where we had every single class together for two years, but we didn’t get close until our first full time job outside of college at a commercial photography studio. Sara quickly became one of my very best friends. We have gone through a lot of stuff together over the past few years… getting married, buying our first homes, going full time with our photography businesses…and the list goes on. I love this girl more than words can describe and I am SO thankful for her friendship! And Lance isn’t too bad either ;) Mike and I are honestly SO blessed to have this couple in our lives! I seriously could go on and on about these two, but I’ll spare you and get on to the photos :)

Every year or so Sara and I exchange getting photos done by each other…our husbands love us for it, HA!. She had wanted to do them last Fall but our schedules were just so busy so we decided to try the Spring. I am SO glad we waited. I don’t think we could have picked a prettier evening. Enjoy a few of my favorites from our quick little session!

 Happy little family!
 Favorite!!!! We may or may not all have gotten poison ivy to get this shot, but I would say it was SO worth it!!
 Sara, seriously, you are so beautiful!

Sara + Lance
Lancaster County photographer

  1. Sara says:

    Getting poison ivy is ALWAYS worth “the money shot”!!! Love you so much, Brittney & Mike! Thanks for carving time out of your busy schedule for our photo shoot! Love you to the end <3

  2. Love these!! Amazing what we’ll do for those awesome shots, right??

  3. Rachel Rossi says:

    This girl is GORGEOUS!!!

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