I have know Lynsey my whole life… that’s what happens when you’re cousins I guess :) I have lots of memories of the two of us when we were little, from sleepovers to Christmas and pretty much any family get together.

Mike and I met Sean for the first time at our own wedding over 4 years ago and I was so happy for Lynsey. Well, 4 years later and these two are still together and they are getting married this September!!! I couldn’t be happier for Lynsey. She found a great guy! Sean, thanks for being the guy you are and for loving and caring for Lynsey the way you do.

I was SO honored when Lynsey asked us to be her wedding photographers. Mike and I are so excited for these two and can’t wait for the big day. It’s definitely going to be an interesting experience to be shooting a wedding with so many of my own family members around but I’m going to love every minute of it! Enjoy a few of our favorites from the engagement session! Can’t wait for September!

 Happy little family!
 Lynsey, you are gorgeous!
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Sean + Lynsey
Lancaster County Engagements

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