Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a great Wed. The week is halfway over and we are one day closer to the weekend. YAY! I thought I would post some photos tonight of someone very important to me. Someone I couldn’t imagine not having in my life… Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Batxer! Baxter is my other man… shhh don’t tell my husband ;- ) Baxter has been with Mike and I since September and he will be a year old in June.  He is one of the strangest and most stubborn dogs I have ever met and I’m pretty sure that’s why he fits so well into our little family. This little guy has definitely kept us on our toes. I took these photos last weekend because I hadn’t taken any photos of him since right after we got him and I felt like it was about time. He was so cute, as soon as I got out my camera and called him over he just laid down. Almost like he was posing for me. He really is perfect for us…  anyway, without further ado… meet Baxter. Oh, don’t miss the photo of him and his crazy ears… they do that often :) Enjoy!

– Britt

The “other” man in my life…
Keeping up with the Kreiders

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