Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I’ve had several people ask me about our wedding albums so I thought I would snap a few photos for you so you can see them for yourself! After a long search for the perfect wedding album I have chosen to work exclusively with KISS. They. Are. Awesome. Currently 2 of our packages include (1) 8″x8″ linen album that I custom design. You have the option to upgrade your album to a 10″x10″ or to order the 4″x4″ mini albums which are the cutest thing ever. The mini albums are pocket sized and are awesome to toss in your purse so you can have wedding photos to show at all times!

KISS Books come in seven ridiculously good-looking colors (swatches below) and they have a lay-flat binding. We hate to see a beautiful photo cut down the middle, so all of the spreads are built with a micro-fold, not a cut. The binding lays beautifully flat, so each spread can be presented in all of its glory. KISS paper won’t discolor like many non-cut books do! Enjoy!

– Britt

{Lancaster, PA wedding Photographer}

Wedding Albums

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