You will be seeing these two again very soon, as their wedding is this week! I was so glad we were able to sneak in an engagement session just in the nick of time. We loved exploring through the Hershey Gardens. We strolled around talking about the wedding, our dogs and life in general.  None of us had ever been there, but I think we all decided we would definitely go back!

Jason + Elise met in the last place they ever thought they’d meet their spouse… Afghanistan. While Jason was in his final year of working in Afghanistan as a Civilian Firefighter for DynCorp, Elise was just starting off her first deployment with the Army. Barely a week into her deployment, Elise’s MEDEVAC unit hosted a joint training with the base firefighters to not only get to know them but to also teach each other important details about their jobs. After training was over, some of the soldiers and firefighters had a chance to chat and that is when it all began …
Jason walked up to Elise and started to make small talk about helicopters and firefighting. While listening to Elise’s accent, Jason picked up that she was from New Jersey and decided to make a comment about how she is either from ‘Jersey or Joisey’. Elise laughed at this and realized that she just made a new friend. Jason laughed and realized that he had fallen in love.

Enjoy this sweet engagement session and be on the look out of their wedding very soon!

Jason + Elise
A Hershey Garden Engagement Shoot | Hershey, PA Photographer

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