I love entertaining and what better excuse then Valentine’s Day :) Mike and I had a couple of our friends over the day after Valentine’s Day for a little get together. I have a lot of fun decorating and had a great time putting together the table decorations for this little party. As I was setting everything up I told Mike that I could totally decorate tables for a living! It’s SO fun. Also, I found almost everything for the table at the Dollar Tree so it was next to nothing to put together… even more fun! Mike responded with the “You can do whatever you want to Hun”. So, he was pretty much telling me that if this whole photography thing stops working out I can decorate tables, right?!  I wanted the table to be a fun and relaxed setting that wasn’t over the top with hearts and pink. I am totally NOT a pink and hearts kind of girl! I love the way everything turned out and I can’t wait to have our next party!

For dinner I made homemade pretzel bread bowls, which were amazing, and a creamy broccoli soup to go with them. I wanted to get a photo of the soup in a bowl but I was too busy having fun with our friends and totally forgot to get the camera. Hope that’s ok :) Mike told me earlier in the week that he wanted to take on dessert, and I gladly gave that up to him because I really am not a baker. He went over and above and made a chocolate cake that was to die for… or you might die eating it… I won’t tell you how many pounds of chocolate this cake took… yes I just said POUNDS! Four layers of chocolate goodness!! We have extras, come on over for a slice :)

It was a great night to hang out with people we love and we just might make it a tradition. Hope you and yours had an amazing Valentine’s Day weekend!!

Valentine’s Day Party
Keeping up with the Kreiders

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