Goodness gracious I’m behind on blogging! I can’t believe it’s taken me THIS long to blog about our coaching session with THE Katelyn James! In January Mike and I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with one of the sweetest most humble, caring and amazingly talented photographer in this industry. I have been following Katelyn’s work for several years now and to say I was excited to spend the day with her is a slight understatement haha! The day we were supposed to leave for VA it snowed close to 8 inches and Mike and I were stuck…. I called Katelyn and told her that we wouldn’t be able to make it there for our scheduled time the next day.  I was SO bummed! Thankfully everything worked out for us to meet with her and Michael the day after :)

We met her and Michael for lunch and chatted about this and that and what some of our dreams are for the business. After lunch it was time for some photos. It was freezing out but Mike was a good sport about not wearing a coat :) The things I put him through! Good thing he love me ;) After photos we went back to Katelyn’s gorgeous home and got to meet their little fur baby Bokeh! The next several hours were spent talking about business and how we could make things better or faster or about tools to help with both. I loved our time with Katelyn and I kinda wish we could do that every month! Mike and I came back home with some new ideas and a restored energy to make things happen in 2014. 
Thank you Katelyn, for your heart and for caring SO much about people like us! Below are just a few photos by the amazing Katelyn James! Happy Monday!

Coaching Session
with Katelyn James!!

  1. Absolutely LOVED my time with you two!!!!!!! :):)

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