I had been holding off on blogging a few weddings until after the website and blog got updated. If you missed yesterday’s post, go check it out! I can’t wait to share these next few weddings with you and today I’m starting with Jimmie + Ilona’s wedding at the Aldie Mansion.

The Aldie Mansion is beautiful and was the perfect setting for Jimmie + Ilona’s day. We’ve been excited about this wedding from the start, a beautiful location and a beautiful and amazing couple, what else do we need?! These two must be followed by hot weather because their engagement session, in DC, was and still is one of the hottest days we’ve ever done an engagement session and their wedding was no different. It was definitely the most humid wedding we’ve shot all year. Thankfully everyone was a good sport about it, we honestly were all just happy it wasn’t raining!  I was super excited to see Jimmie + Ilona again, I’m pretty sure if Ilona and I lived closer to each other we would be bffs :) I also love the way these two interact together, they’re just a lot of fun to be around.

I hope you all enjoy this wedding with such amazing people. It’s always such an honor to be the ones that get to capture the images on a wedding day. Jimmie + Ilona, we love you guys and hopefully we’ll get to hang out again! Enjoy reliving your wedding day!


Photographer | Brittney Kreider Photography

Venue | Aldie Mansion 

Caterer | Jeffrey Miller Catering

Florist | Linda Fitzgerald

Cake | Jeffrey Miller Catering

DJ | Signature DJs


Ilona + Jimmie
An Aldie Mansion Wedding |Doylestown Wedding Photographer

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