I can’t believe we are already at the halfway point in pregnancy… I still don’t believe I’m actually pregnant most days. How have I now been pregnant longer than I will from here on out?! This time is flying by! We have so much to do and I’m trying my best to not freak out too much ;) We had our big 20 week ultrasound last week and everything looks great with baby Kreider. I started feeling kicks/punches about 2 weeks ago and Mike has actually been able to feel them as well. It just makes this whole experience that much crazier.

Two years ago, I saw a gender reveal video, much like the one we put together below, and I fell in love with it and told Mike that when the time came I wanted to do something similar. So here we are. We had some help from our dear friend Erin Sennett who came and helped with video and took photos of us finding out. Now bear with me as this is the first time I’ve ever shot video on my camera let alone used iMovie, so if you are a professional videographer don’t critique too much :)  We love this little babe so much already and I can’t wait to share this video with you! What is your guess, boy or girl?!

Gender Reveal Video from Brittney Kreider on Vimeo.

Baby Kreider is a…
Gender Reveal

  1. Nicole Keith says:

    Yay! So happy and excited for you guys. :)

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