Well, the word is out, we’re having a baby! This is SUCH a surreal blog post. It still hasn’t sunk in that there is a human inside me… crazy! I know so many people right now that are expecting, which makes all of this that much more fun! I figured I’d use this post to answer a lot of questions that people have been asking us. So here it goes:

How far along are you? I’m 15 weeks this week!

When are you due? My due date is February 5th, so sometime early February I’m assuming we’ll have a squishy little one in our arms.

How have you been feeling? Pretty good considering everything. Once the 6 week mark rolled around I started feeling REALLY nauseous, but the doctors gave me some medicine which was glorious! I still feel sick sometimes in the evenings or if I let myself get too hungry, but  I really can’t complain. I am hungry ALL.THE.TIME. Honestly I think one of the only things Mike hears me say is that I’m hungry. He just laughs :) I was pretty tired towards the beginning but the medication I was on was pretty much a sleeping pill, so I would get up in the morning and take a nap sometimes only 2 hours after getting up. But I seem less tired these days.

Will you find out the gender? YES YES AND YES! I would never last waiting until the end to find out!

Have you been craving anything? Pretty much since 6 weeks I have been craving ice… like I need my water to be ICE cold to be able to drink it. This was never an issue for me before and I honestly never liked ice in my water. I would usually drink room temp water and be just fine, but now it has to be ice cold or else I can’t stomach it. So strange. We don’t have an ice maker so Mike went out and bought me a 16lb bag of ice. He’s such a keeper :)

Do you have names picked out? Mike and I have had a list of names since we’ve been dating and two of the names on that list are still our favorites. We will probably keep the name a secret until the little peanut arrives.

Are you still going to shoot weddings? Yes! Our busy season ends at the end of October this year. We do have one early December wedding but after that I’ll be off until May of 2017. We are taking less weddings for next year too, since I’m sure it will be a major adjustment for me to learn how to be a mom and a business owner. We are almost completely booked for next year and are only looking for 2 more couples. So if you’ve been meaning to get in touch with us, I’d do it asap!

 Thanks to Brooke Courtney and Michael and Jenna Beard for the photos :)





Big News!
We're having a baby!

  1. JUST SO HAPPY!!!!!!

  2. Penny Marie Snyder says:

    Awesome! So happy for you! Congrats and I hope you have a healthy little one!

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