Have you ever heard of or have been a part of a Both Hands project? Well here’s your chance!

Both Hands was set up to help families who are going through an adoption process. This amazing fundraiser helps not only the family trying to adopt but also a widow in their area. Essentially this is how it works… The family that is adopting is put in contact with a widow in their area that is in need of help around their house. They go and meet with the widow and put a list together of everything that needs done. The family that is adopting then creates a core team of family and friends. That core team of people will help hands on for the day of work at and around the widows property. The core team will also send out letters to their own friends and family asking for sponsorship for the work day. It’s the same idea as a run or walk where you ask people to sponsor you for the day of the walk but in this case 100% of the sponsorship money will go towards the adoption and a widow will be helped in the process.

Mike and I were asked to be core team members for our dear friends Nicola and David. Nicola and David have answered God’s call to step out in faith and adopt from Uganda. When Nicola emailed me about the project I thought it was a great idea.

This coming Saturday is the big work day! Nicola and David were put in contact with a lady named Dorothy. Dorothy sadly lost her husband to melanoma cancer after 47 years of marriage. Today her property and home is in urgent need of repairs and some good old spring cleaning. I’m excited to meet Dorothy and to be able to help!  

Here’s where you can help!

1) BE A SPONSOR for the day of work: click here to find out more info http://www.bothhandsfoundation.org/david-and-nicola-herring

2) PRAY: that the Lord will be glorified through this project, that Dorothy and the Herrings will both be blessed through this experience. Also, pray for safety of those that will be volunteering the day of and that all the details for the project will come together just perfectly!

If you want to find out more about this project and to watch a video that Nicola and David put together when meeting with Dorothy for the first time you can find all of that HERE

I hope that you are able to help in one of these ways! Nicola and David are such an amazing couple and we can’t wait to meet their little bundle of joy, but in the meantime we want to do everything we can to help them bring their bundle of joy home!!

Both Hands Project
Helping with Adobtion

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