You will be seeing these two again VERY soon! We get to shoot their wedding in Annapolis, MD in just two short weeks! I’ve been so excited to finally meet Abby and Matt. It feels like forever ago that they booked with us! Abby has sent me some photos of what the wedding is going to look like and wow… I can’t wait to share the photos with you all! It’s going to be beautiful!

Mike and I met up with Abby and Matt at a hidden little gem of ours. We love this location and have actually had our own photos done here :) There are so many different areas on this property that give you different feels, yet you don’t have to drive to a new location. Love when that happens!

I am SO glad we were able to hang out and meet these two before their wedding day. It makes me even more excited for the wedding! Enjoy a few of my favorites from our time together and get ready to see this sweet couple again SO soon!

 Abby’s ring is beautiful!
 Love this last image that Mike took!
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Matt and Abby

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