You might remember Dan and Courtney from their engagement session only several weeks ago. Mike and I have had a lot of fun getting to know these two. I wish they didn’t live as far away as what they do because I could see us hanging out with them pretty often. Courtney and I are so similar it’s scary, but also pretty awesome because we totally get each other.

Dan and Courtney said “I do” on top of Cannon Hill surrounded by family and friends. It was a beautiful day and it couldn’t have gone much smoother. Some of my favorite moments from the day have to be Dan and Courtney’s first look and Courtney’s dance with her dad, which I’m pretty sure had everyone in tears.

Mike and I are so excited for Dan and Courtney as they start their life together. Moving in together and starting to learn their roles as husband and wife is hard work but oh so worth it. Dan and Courtney, thank you so much for inviting us to part of your amazing day. We are so blessed to have met you and your families!

I have so many favorites from this wedding but I had to narrow it down for this post. Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0006Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0002 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0003 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0004 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0005Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0007Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0011 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0008Courtney’s rings are so gorgeous! Her wedding band was actually a surprise. She saw it for the first time during their ceremony. How sweet is that?!Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0009 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0010Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0012 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0013 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0014 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0015 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0016Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0017

Courtney you are stunning!Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0018Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0019

This my friends is why we love first looks! All of the next photos happened on their own. There was no posing from us…. Just true, honest excitement and love. You just can’t capture this without a private first look moment.Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0020 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0021 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0022 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0023 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0024 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0025 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0026 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0027 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0028

Loved the colors Courtney chose. So happy and Summery. Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0029 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0030 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0031 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0032 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0033 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0034 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0035 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0036Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0040 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0037 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0038 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0039Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0051Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0041 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0042

Love this!Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0043 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0044 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0045 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0046 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0047 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0048

I typically try to stay away from direct sun but I was loving this field so we took a chance :)Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0049 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0050Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0052 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0053 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0054 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0055 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0056 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0057

Ceremony Time! Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0058 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0059

Still so much emotion… a first look does NOT take away from that moment the bride comes down the aisle because in that moment you are about to marry the love of your life. Nothing will ever take away from that!Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0060 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0061 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0062 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0063 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0064

Married!!! So excited for you two!Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0065

Love this shot of Mike’s!!Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0066 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0067 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0068 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0069 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0070 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0071 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0072 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0073 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0074 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0075 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0076 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0077

Love these moments during the father- daughter dance! Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0078 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0079 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0080 Dan_Courtney_Wedding_0081

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Venue – Camp at Cannon Hill, Cake – Terri Shaw, Dress – Berni Bridal and Formal Apparel, Bridesmaids – David’s Bridal,

Groomsmen – Men’s Warehouse

Dan + Courtney
Camp at Cannon Hill Wedding

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