One of my goals for the business this year was to blog more frequently…. seems to be working out well, right? I have been absent from blogging for what feels like forever! Even though this is our slow season we have been busy busy busy. I feel like so much has happened since my last blog post so I’ll try to catch you up.

One of my dearest friends had a sweet baby boy in October and when she went back to work at the beginning of Jan. I started watching him 3 days a week. This has definitely been a good time and an eye opening experience haha. Paxton is giving me practice for when Mike and I finally decide to have kids. My fear of getting peed on while changing a little boy’s diaper has totally happened… way more then I care to admit :) It’s been fun to watch him grow over the last few months and he is getting to the age where he is starting to smile and giggle which is so awesome.

Mike and I bought a new car… well not new new but new to us. This was something that was a long time coming and we are very happy with our newest family member :) More on this soon!

In Jan. Mike and I took a road trip to D.C. to see Justin and Mary on their What’s Next Tour. It was a long but great day and we were able to meet a lot big names in the photography industry. Mary said a lot of things during her talk that really hit home to me like … “We wear busy like a badge of honor” and “The way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives” and the one that hit me the most was “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” Mary’s words were just what I needed to hear and not just for the business but in my life.

We were vendors in two bridal shows… one in Lancaster and the other in Harrisburg. They are always long/ overwhelming days but we were excited to meet so many people. We are tossing around the idea that these may have been our last bridal shows… we will see :)

Mike and I had my sisters two girls for a big sleepover one weekend. We had all been waiting for the day since Christmas as this was our present to the girls. I think I was just as excited about the weekend as they were. I planned crafts and movies and bought snacks and candy. It was pretty awesome.

Mike and I have been enjoying browsing through thrift stores on Saturdays or Sundays that we have free. It’s always fun to see all the “junk” and tiny treasures you can find. A winter project that we (Mike) have been working on is an old dresser that was in total need of a makeover. We found it at one of the thrift stores right down the street from us for $15. The dresser is probably close to 100 years old and we couldn’t pass up buying it.  Mike has put a lot of work into it and has transformed it into a bar for our dining room. Super excited to show you all the before and after photos!

All in all we are just trying to organize and get ready for this awesome year of weddings! It’s going to be a BUSY one! We have 5 weddings in June alone. We can’t wait for the weather to get a little warmer and to start shooting some of our engagements in March.

Keeping up with the Kreiders

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