I am so excited to tell you all about the new online gallery we will be using this year! The company is called PASS and they have totally changed the way you think about online galleries. This year each of our clients will get a one year PASS gallery for their engagement session and wedding.

PASS is the easiest, most professional and most efficient way to share images with our clients. And I’m not just talking about sharing a gallery… I’m talking about sharing the digital files. Yep you heard me, your family and friends will all be able to download any to all of your images totally free of charge. Is this not awesome or what?!
You will be able to share your images with everyone at the click of a button. PASS will also be set up with a print option where you can send the images straight to an awesome printing company so you can have great professional prints that are delivered right to your front door.

The other amazing news is that the new PASS galleries are insanely gorgeous and user friendly! Take a look!! Here’s a sample with some images to give you an idea of how you can navigate through a PASS gallery

Oh and it gets better!! My favorite part of PASS is how each of our couples will be able to add their galleries right to the home screen of their smart phones or tablets. This way you can just click your own little app on your home screen to view your PASS gallery without the address bar and all the other stuff that’s on the screen when you use the web browser. Here is a photo to show you what I mean. Where was this when Mike and I got married?! Not that I had a smart phone anyway but it still would have been sweet.

We are thrilled that we are able to provide these galleries for all of our clients! This coming weekend kicks off our first engagement session of the year and I am so excited to share their PASS gallery with them and all of you!

Any past clients that would like their photos in this new gallery… please just holler. I am happy to upload your photos to the new gallery at no cost!

The new way to share

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