Dear Mike,

This is the 5th March 14th that we have celebrated in the 6 years we have been together. Things have certainly changed quite a bit in these last 6 years as a couple. Man, where does the time go?! I’m sitting here trying to think back to your birthday 5 years ago and I can’t seem to remember anything about it. You have become so much a part of my life that I don’t remember life before you.

These last couple years have had bumps and bruises along the way but you have been there for me through it all and I love you more today than I ever have. Thanks for choosing to do life with me and for staying by my side even though I’m crazy and most of the time don’t make sense :) Thanks for believing in me, and in our dreams. I do believe we can concur anything, as long as we do it together. Here’s to pushing each other to dream bigger and to laugh harder. Thank you for being my best friend and I can’t wait to celebrate another year of life.

So, today on your 28th birthday I want to celebrate… I want to celebrate you and everything that you are.

Happy Birthday, my love.

I know you want to kill me for putting this photo up… but it’s your birthday… have fun with it ;)

Happy Birthday
My Love

  1. sabrina says:

    You are truly a saint for putting up with this one! She’s not kidding, she is really crazy sometimes (as I am as well!) Thank you for loving her, caring for her and guilding her along your amazing path of life. It has been incredible to watch the both of you fall in love and grow as a couple. On a more personal note, thank you for being such an amazing friend to Preston and me. Just when we think your heart couldn’t get any bigger, you prove us wrong. Thank you for being you, for loving us all, and for being Paxton’s second Daddy! WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!
    <3, Sabrina
    P.S. I love the picture!!!!

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